When one mentions tracking, we immediately think of vehicle telematics. This is a fair assumption to make considering that research estimates the number of active fleet management systems will reach 2.5 million by 2022. With the high recovery rates of subscribers’ vehicles, the industry is booming in South Africa.

Yet, the founder and managing director of Legratron Electronics, Itumeleng Matshego, realised that theft affects many more industries than just the automotive industry. “Legratron Electronics provides telematics and recovery of vehicles and any other item of significance or those that cause considerable financial strain if lost or stolen.

“Our systems can be installed in laptops. While these can be insured, replacement still adds unnecessary costs to the operation of your business. Often, when items like this go missing, it is the loss of the information contained on that laptop that can be devastating. We provide consumers with an option to track and recover the laptop saving money, time and unnecessary stress of losing irreplaceable intellectual data,” explains Matshego.

There are also other industries that rely on the return of items needed to run their business but this does not always happen. “An example is the gas industry. They rely on customers to return their cylinders once the gas is finished. The industry, however, faces major loss as cylinders often disappear.

“Legratron Electronics also provides tracking solutions for what is the most valuable thing of all. With the rise of kidnappings and the threats against our children, GPS tracking of children is becoming a necessity. We are empowering parents to take a stand against this terrifying crime and provide them with options should the worst happen,” says Matshego.

Legratron Electronics was established in 2013 by Matshego. He is a qualified engineer with more than 12 years of experience in IT and electronics. His inspiration to start the business came about when he questioned South African’s acceptance, albeit resentfully, of the theft and loss of other valuable property. Matshego decided to give people an option to recover more than just stolen vehicles.

Matshego developed his software himself, making the business 100% South African. The software can be customised to an individual or a business’s specific needs. “We do this by performing a detailed client analysis to determine their needs. As we think beyond vehicle telematics, we are also a one stop shop for all tracking needs.

“The tracking industry is such a dynamic and innovative industry and we are excited to be playing an essential role with our tracking solutions. It provides us with an opportunity to help South Africans save money and even change lives,” says Matshego.

SOURCE: The Village news