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Fuel consumption monitoring

Legratron introduces a new fuel monitoring system to protect businesses from the crippling costs of diesel theft.

Legratron’s latest offering assists companies in reducing financial loss as a result of diesel theft or diesel skimming. As diesel prices continue to increase, so does the occurrence of diesel theft. Legratron’s new technology monitors fuel consumption in your vehicles.

The Fuel Sensor is installed in the tank of trucks and collects data on the draining and refilling of fuel. It also identifies geo-locations which is important to detect if drivers stop for prolonged periods or unexpected times, an indication of potential fuel skimming.

With the help of fuel monitoring systems, company’s fuel consumption can reduce between 10 and 30%. Additional benefits include a potential 10% reduction in maintenance and a 10 to 30% reduction in mileage. Fuel monitoring also helps reduce the use of fleet vehicles for personal use.



Siphoning out of the tank


Theft at filling stations through false or incomplete filling records


Theft from diesel engine return pipe


Unwanted filling station use

Fleet managers can rest assured in the accuracy of the system. It is guaranteed by galvanic isolation of the entire casing, protection from polarity reversal protection from electromagnetic interference and power supply fluctuations and self-diagnostics determine if sediments or water affect levels. The Fuel Sensor differentiates itself as it combines both capacitive sensors and tracking in one device.

The Fuel Sensor is affordable, easy to install, complies with the highest quality standards, and can be set up and monitored from your cellphone. It is compatible with both a wide range of telematics systems and tank sizes. The absence of wires also means it is tamper-proof. Sensors can also notify you of breakages.

Join 60 000 other vehicles and the companies to which they belong by installing a fuel monitoring system that can help you save thousands.