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Mobile tracking

Legratron Electronics’ telematics has the potential to change many industries by providing a wide range of recovery options. We can track and recover many other items of significance or those that cause considerable financial strain if lost or stolen’

Avoid the expense and inconvenience of losing assets such as phones and laptops by tracking these assets for a fraction of the price that it will cost to replace and even much less than what insurance excess will cost.

One of the biggest advantages of recovering stolen or lost digital assets, includes the recovery of the files, documents, photographs and other data lost with the asset. Professional data recovery can be very expensive and back-up conducted by the individual may not be as up-to-date as one would like, despite our best efforts. Now, losing an asset does not need to be accompanied by panic over the lost data as well.

Additionally, the loss of data can be dangerous to individuals and businesses. Criminals can gain access to your finances or highly sensitive information. South African law also requires that your customers’ information is protected and if a criminal is able to gain access to this information, there could be legal consequences for businesses.

Our systems can be installed in laptops, mobile phones and smart televisions to name a few items. It provides an extra layer of security that can allow you to remotely shut-down and wipe the data in the worst-case scenario. In the best-case scenario, you can recover the laptop.

The software includes a feature that allows it to operate quietly in the background. A command can be remotely triggered to gather and deliver detailed evidence on the criminals. It can even take an image of the perpetrator which is often a crucial piece of information required by police to secure a conviction.

mobile tracking

Discover the proven power of recovering a laptop
and the invaluable intellectual data contained on it today,
with access to mobile tracking

While these assets can be insured, replacement still adds unnecessary costs to on the individuals’ pocket or to the operation of your business. Recovery saves money, time and the unnecessary stress of losing irreplaceable intellectual data.

Legratron Electronics believes South Africans should question their acceptance, albeit resentfully, of the theft and loss of other valuable property. Instead, there is an option to recover more than just stolen vehicles.